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Tilden & Prohidney, P.L. is a trial law firm.  We litigate in every tribunal, on behalf of individuals, businesses, and associations in almost every industry and walk of life.

For small businesses owners, Tilden & Prohidney, P.L.: pursues amounts owed; sues those who fail to honor contracts, and defends companies against frivolous and unfounded claims.  As with our entire practice, we do so with “bottom lines” in mind, understanding the need for clear budgets and common, well-articulated goals.

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Litigation: Practices

For individuals, Tilden & Prohidney, P.L.: enforces contract rights; pursues claims of those harmed by the negligence of others; fights for unpaid wages and damages from employment discrimination; and, defends against creditor harassment and bank foreclosures.

For community associations, Tilden & Prohidney, P.L.: collects unpaid assessments; enforces rules and regulations; and, sues contractors for breaches of contract and performance issues.  We work closely with management companies throughout the entire Sarasota and Bradenton area.

We understand that litigation is difficult and pride ourselves in being accessible to all clients, during all phases of their disputes. At Tilden & Prohidney, P.L., you will always know what is happening with your case.

At Tilden & Prohidney, P.L., our attorneys represent clients in the following litigation matters:

  • Contract Disputes

  • Construction Disputes, Representing Both Owners and Contractors

  • Construction Defect Litigation

  • Business Dissolutions 

  • Partnership Disputes 

  • Covenants Not To Compete 

  • Negligence

  • Professional Negligence 

  • Asset Forfeitures 

  • Residential and Commercial Evictions 

  • Trade Secret and Confidential Information Misappropriation

  • Lien Foreclosures

  • Unlawful Detainer 

  • Homeowner Association Collections and Covenant Enforcement

  • Defamation 

  • Tortious Interference 

  • Fraud & Fraudulent Trade Practices

  • Real Estate Fraud & Failure to Disclose

  • Partition Actions

  • Injunctions 

  • Complex Marital Dissolution

Litigation: Text
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