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Aviation Law

Aviation is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world, and for good reason. In aviation law disputes, the stakes are always high, and the consequences can be massive, resulting in substantial civil and/or criminal liabilities. If you need an aviation lawyer with extraordinary knowledge and experience in the field of aviation law, contact Tilden & Prohidney, P.L.  In all our aviation law practice areas, we work closely with our clients to keep them informed and engaged at every step in their matter.

Private Aircraft
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Our aviation lawyers are experienced in asset acquisition and disposition and can assist with letters of intent, pre-purchase inspections, financing agreements, de-registration for export, creation of corporations or LLCs, lien claims, broker disputes, aircraft management and charter agreements, disclosure-related claims, and more.  If you have an issue that requires assistance in the area of aviation law, please give Tilden & Prohidney, P.L. an opportunity to work with you.

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