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Even small construction projects can be quite complex, involving multiple parties, contracts, and government agencies.  Moreover, contractors and subcontractors have unique lien rights if they are not paid for their work.  These rights are significant – effective even against your homestead – and necessary to protect the companies and workers who invest time and money into construction projects. Unfortunately, when they are wrongly exercised, construction lien rights can also be used to coerce payment for poor and unsatisfactory work.

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The lawyers of Tilden & Prohidney, P.L. are experienced in all areas of construction law.  We represent owners at all stages of their construction projects, including bidding, contract drafting, and compliance with all payment and lien laws.  If the project goes awry, we stand ready to mediate, arbitrate and, as necessary, litigate any issue that might arise.

We also represent contractors and subcontractors on private and public construction projects, drafting contracts, protecting lien and security rights, enforcing contract terms, and negotiating with lenders, subs, owners, and architects on all issues.

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