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Foreclosure Defense

Banks can use the foreclosure system to “steamroll” homeowners who take no action and have no legal representation. When you hire legal counsel, you are immediately taken out of that group of homeowners who give up and allow the bank to take control.

While we defend your foreclosure, you will remain in your home.  This will give you time to consider your options, including any loan modification programs or short sale opportunities available to you.  We can help you navigate those options, make appropriate decisions based on your financial, professional, and family circumstances, and avoid the many pitfalls of going it alone.

Signing a Contract
Foreclosure Defense: Service

We pride ourselves in being accessible to our foreclosure clients, understanding that your home is important to you, and simply answer any questions you might have throughout the process.  At the same time, we speak the language of the law and are effective negotiators with and adversaries of the bank that is trying to remove you from your home.

We strongly advise all homeowners experiencing foreclosure issues to contact an attorney immediately upon receiving short sale approval letters, notices of default, notices of foreclosure or a summons and complaint.  Failing to do so can jeopardize your rights.

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